Startup Email Notificaton Program

This is a java project that runs sends an email when called. This page is desighned to help generate the java file containing the info you would like it to use. You can configure it with diffrent emails, linux commands, and mod it however you wish.

Latest Release:
You can find and download the latest post of this pogram here at my downlaods page.


StartupEmailNofitier is a program I orignaly created to help me ssh wihout a static ip. Depending on how you configure this program, it's sent content may be diffrent. Neverless the structure is still the same. Whenever you start this progam by using the included bash file (typically at startup), a subject line and email contents will be generated and then sent using the provided credentials.

Capabilities (Without Modding)

Email Response Example:

Sample Recieved Email

Here is an example of a sent email this bot has made.