This page is dedicted to answering any common problems that may arise with your program, including modded solutions.

For More Help:
If you have any other questions not answered here and would like to ask, you can send an email to averyparanoiduser@gmail.com and I will try to respond (my inbox has a lot of stuff in it).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Email/Password does not exist
      You need to put in and secure your own email and password, there is none included by default, if you don't have an IDE to work with, you can open the java file in a text editor and place them in as strings.

  • Email is failing to send despite correct credentals
      For google accounts you need to turn on your setting "allow access to less secure apps".

  • During compiling files are not found
      Make sure that you have both Oracle folders in the main project, if this dosn't work, check that you are running the command in the directory where "com" shows up.

  • "Missing authentication"
      For Google email accounts I have (and possibly never will) implement a two-factor authention method. Because of this, you cannot use accounts with two-factor authentication (with the password clear in the file I would recomend a testing account with no real value).

  • "Cannot make a static reference to the non-static <field>" During Compilation
      While the internet has a large number of guides that can help you with this, the issue you most likley have is that you are attempting to reassign (change) a static class variable. If you wish to change these values, you should instead assign them to a local variable and then modify that instead.