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I host a copy of this website in multiple locations for pratice, version deployment, and accessability. Because I push updates regularly, the functionality of some of these installations may be hampered, will host the most stable version. Logo

Development version, this version can be expected to be edited live and therefore will contain the most up to date information but often the site may not be functional.

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Stability version, this version is updated regularaly and is hosted through a stable provider, updates may take a time to show up but it should always be accessible. May contain bugs not orignally caught in the latest update on

Personally Hoasted:

Legacy version, this version is hosted on my own hardware and may not always be accessible. This site takes the longest to update and may not be able to host as much traffic. This site currently does not support https and therefore is subject to interference. At times may also host other projects. For example, at times has been closed to act as a auto-forward service for team2077 Kettle Moraine Robotics.